Chris Brandon's four areas of focus

Over her five decades of painting, Chris Brandon has discovered there are four key areas that represent the essence of her work and her new works continue to focus her vision on these areas.

  • Line & Motion
    We see this in the wind, water, sun and sky. We see this in the swirling of the leaves in the trees. We see this throughout the seasons and in our imagination - in all these energies.
  • Membranes
    This 3 dimensional aspect of back and forth through layers gives us the impression of going through inner and outer space and lets us explore the depths of the creative imagination.
  • The Land
    Images of the land as the artist journeys across the lakes, capturing the spirit of the trees, rocks, sky and water in abstract and realistic interpretations.
  • Chasing the Subconscious
    Discovering the sources of energy and life hidden within the imagination - and how creativity flows automatically from the mind to the brush - then to the canvas where the art seemingly creates itself.

Please click on any of the images below to view a larger version.

Ancient Guardians
Great White Pine
My Land
Cedar Root on Shoreline

Cold Spring Day at Sea
Fish Swim
Hokusai Waves

Mountain Lake
New Moon Rising
On The Bright Side
Party Hat
Pink Sun In The Mountains

Red Tree
Summer's Coming
Three Sisters

White Lightning
Window On Moonrise
Windows And Doors

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