Chris Brandon Biography

This is exciting stuff! I have opened my 5 decades of work for you, the public, to see new paintings, never ever done before by anyone in the world! I am sharing with you, work which shows you how to "see" the Universe in a different way! I have created, for you, Membranes to visually travel into, with your imaginations, to new inner and outer realities!

I am an artist and a Fine Art scholar who has spent a lifetime exploring time and motion, in a Fine Art context. I applied these Membrane depths to Landscape Painting and you will recognize these wonderful paintings in the Large Canvases in 5 Decades, and elsewhere.   Nothing stands still, and this is also so with the Land! My landscapes show multiple skies in one and many layered hills, with still waters, running deep! My lifetime of work is represented here in a collection of over a thousand pieces of Fine Art, which have never been shown before! I have spent my own precious life dedicated to the exploration of these multilayered realities and the energies that exist within and around us. My paintings need good homes! I need an ART Business Guide to find these works "safe homes" with people who appreciate the nature of creativity and how difficult it is to actually come up with something brand new in Art!  I have, and it is here, for you to investigate for yourself!

On this web site, I present to you a unique sampling of my art collection and I give to you an opportunity to download my “Free” Fine Art E-prints, for your personal pleasure.

This web site, and the work involved in documenting my collection, has been made possible by friends who believe that my work will hopefully influence the Art World in general, as my work has already influenced other painters. I especially hope students of Art will explore my site.

At present, I am not represented by an Art Dealer. Enquiries by reputable Dealers and Art Critics, are most welcome. Please email me at, and please be patient in waiting for a reply from me as most of my time is spent painting in locations where there is no electricity, no internet reality!  Some day, maybe, there will be email service.

Further, it should be noted that this collection has been accrued without State sponsorship. Indeed, I may be one of the few artists in Canada who has not sought Government support for my work. Rather I seek the help of a good person, hopefully an Art Marketer, who will help me find good homes for my work, the recent and the old, from earlier times!

Thank you for your patience and time-

  And now,  I hope you will revisit this site over and over again, to learn "see"...  the  power of Painting.......